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I am excited for BCM241 this uni session, as it seems like a subject that has a lot of flexibility to allow students to develop their own projects, tailored to their specific interests and majors. My previous DA and other research projects in BCM I haven’t been very passionate about (in hindsight) so this semester I really want to create something I will enjoy!

A media niche can be literally anything that I have expertise in or am interested in developing, and yet I am struggling to decipher my own. For someone who is constantly consuming media, I don’t seem to have a specific niche.

There are multiple things I am interested in but I feel like there’s nothing I have pursued as a passion or hobby, or that I could narrow down to be one specific media niche. When looking at the accounts, pages and people that I follow there is a lot of fashion, music, comedy, celebrity, quotes, feminism and ‘aesthetic’ related content, that varies a lot. I also watch a lot of Netflix and Stan, mainly binging old shows that I’ve seen before and love: Friends, Brooklyn 99, That 70s Show.

Surprisingly this ‘media niche’ blog post has made be do a lot of self-reflecting, about what am I actually interested in and passionate about. The BCM degree and seeing the work of other students has made me want to develop something of my own, I’m just not sure what that is yet…

In relation to finding something to research ethnographically, and the way in which people consumer media, I recently saw a tweet:

It made me think about the types of movies and tv shows that I watch. As stated above I am constantly rewatching tv shows that I love, whether its one of the above or even movies that i’ve seen before and know that I am in the mood to watch, rather than taking a risk on something new. I think that it is probably very true, that rewatching media content allows an anxiety free viewing, whether consciously or subconsciously.

That being said, it did make me realise that maybe my media niche is Friends??? It’s definitely something that I am an expert in, and know a bunch of random facts about. So I guess that’s what i’ll write about!

Surely everyone has seen at least one episode of Friends at some point! It is about 6 friends in their mid-late 20s living their lives in New York City, and the daily tribulations of work, relationships and general ups & downs! Although rewatching it today, there are a lot of jokes and storylines that would be considered sexist or homophobic, and they definitely aren’t a great example of diverse casting. But Friends is great for laughs, nostalgia, 90s fashion, and relatable characters.

For me, Friends is a show that I watch; when I’m feeling down because I know it’ll make me laugh/feel better; when I’m getting ready in the morning and want something on in the background; for fashion inspo (mainly the earlier seasons though!!).

Friends streams in Australia via Stan, and has just moved from Netflix to HBO Max in the US. It airs regularly on TV almost every night, doing constant reruns. There are clips available on YouTube, fan accounts on Instagram and Facebook, and just recently I saw that the official Friends page created a TikTok account to post clips of the show. It really is available to be watched and consumed anywhere, anytime!

POST EDITED ON 14/8/2020

So after some reflection I have decided to change my media niche – and focus on social media fashion. This encompasses fashion accounts on Instagram, Pinterest, or even TikTok as well as people who post their own fashion related content.

I had a think about what I’m really interested in and want to look into further, and that is fashion. Even above when discussing Friends I felt that one of the reasons I enjoy it is for the 90s fashion, so I feel like this is a much better niche of choice for me. Even though I wouldn’t say I’m an expert in it, its definitely an area of life and media that I have been looking into and would like to inform others about.

I realised that lately the social media I consume has largely been fashion related – and that it has actually had an impact on me personally. This past year(ish) I have really tried to break out of my comfort zone with my choice in clothing, and wear more outfits that express my personality. As my friend phrased it “to wear outfits and not just clothes”!

(this is me, lol)

I feel that social media has inspired me and made me discover my sense of style a lot more than just going to the shops and trying on clothes I think would suit me. And I would be intrigued to ethnographically research how social media and fashion content is consumed by individuals, and whether or not it has a personal impact on their fashion choices.

I know I will probably have to narrow it down (niche is in the description), but right now I would say my media ‘niche’ will include any fashion related social media content – from street fashion Pinterest accounts, E-girl TikTok trends, and social media influencers posting their outfits of the day (OOTD).

Emma Eager

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