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Standing Up Against Micro Aggressions and Misogynistic Comments

Gender discrimination doesn’t just occur on a larger scale through sexual assault or pay gaps in the workplace. It occurs daily through misogynistic conscious /subconscious comments and microaggressions targeted towards women. Micro aggressions are defined as verbal and nonverbal behaviours that communicate negative, hostile, and derogatory messages to people in marginalised groups (UNH, n.d.). They... Continue Reading →

Entertainment Media as a Tool to Fight Gender Discrimination

‘Boys will be Boys’ & ‘Be a Lady They Said’ Entertainment media can be a powerful tool to raise awareness and aid feminism in the fight against gender discrimination. Media such as songs, movies, tv shows, poems, videos, images etc. can be used as communicative strategies that result in a multiple recontextualization of political speech... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Gender Inequality & Sexism

*trigger warning - mention of sexual assault & rape* Gender inequality and sexism have been ongoing social justice issues throughout history and are particularly prevalent in today’s society. Sexism is defined as “any act, gesture, visual representation, spoken or written words, practice, or behaviour based upon the idea that a person or a group of persons is... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Fashion on Social Media – Impact on Me Over this past year as I discovered and have become more immersed in the media niche of sustainable fashion, my perceptions and actions have changed. Sustainable fashion was never something that was a factor when it came to purchasing decisions, and now it is definitely in mind. Some of the actions I've taken are:... Continue Reading →

Sustainable Fashion – What is it? What is Sustainable Fashion? Sustainable fashion can be defined as any approach towards sourcing, manufacturing and designing fashion that benefits the industry and society as a a whole. It relates minimising the impact the fashion industry has on the environment through thrifting, up-cycling clothes, supporting small business, and businesses that adhere to ethical practices, such as fair work... Continue Reading →

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