BCM 241 Project Pitch – Media Niche

https://youtu.be/476_nbtwb1s For BCM241 we have to conduct an ethnographic research project and digital artefact. My chosen media niche/topic is sustainable fashion on social media. In particular looking at content of thrifting, up-cycling and flipping old clothes, into current/trendy/stylish pieces. In the video above I touch on why I chose this topic, the platforms I view... Continue Reading →

Reusable Bag Abuse – A Narrative Reflection of Working in Retail

After working in my current retail job for 4 years I have definitely experienced my fair share of changes and disruptions in the workplace, disruptions usually relating to customer abuse. Most of my shifts are spent rostered on the register – processing transactions for customers – and after so long I have found myself with... Continue Reading →

Background Research and Ethics – Media Niche

This post was last edited on 4/9/2020 In order to form the paradigmatic and theoretical framework for my ethnographic study I have conducted some background research into the topic of sustainable fashion on social media. It is also important to consider any ethical issues that may arise during the research process. The following sources are... Continue Reading →

Field Map – Media Niche

This post was last edited on 4/9/2020 This week, tasked with creating a field map for our media niche, I have decided to keep it broad so that as my research and blogs develop I can choose which area of fashion on social media I want to pursue. A field map/site is the "spatial characteristics... Continue Reading →

Fashion on Social Media – Media Niche

I am excited for BCM241 this uni session, as it seems like a subject that has a lot of flexibility to allow students to develop their own projects, tailored to their specific interests and majors. My previous DA and other research projects in BCM I haven't been very passionate about (in hindsight) so this semester... Continue Reading →

My Curiosity – Draft Project Pitch

The 'University Student Experience' is not something that can be easily summed up or generically described. Individual characteristics, such as; age, gender, location, culture, socioeconomic status, health etc. all impact the university experience each student is going to have. My curiosity and the idea for my BCM212 research project is whether living on/near campus vs.... Continue Reading →

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